Days of Water Left for Cape Town

17 Nov 2019

Estimated Day Zero: Cape Town

Sustainable Office Water

Stay on the right side of the law with water from air

“…., any commercial organisation that employs staff members is legally obligated to provide drinking water.” Machinery and Occupational Safety Act, 1983 (Act 6 of 1983).

The Western Cape’s Department of Environmental Affairs leads the way with sustainable office water with 15 new water from air units.

Droughts in SA

Droughts are affecting all of South Africa

Cape Town is not the only place experiencing a drought. Much of South Africa is experiencing moderate to severe levels of water scarcity.

Help Yourself!

Help your family beat any Water Crisis

Invest in water saving techniques and water making technologies in order to secure potable water for your family and others in need.

Prepare for Water Scarcity!

Are you ready for Water Stress?

Water is going to become more and more scarce in South Africa. Learn what you can do to secure water for your family's daily needs.

Make Water Now!

Make water for the needs of your family

By investing in an Atmospheric Water Generator you will be able to generate water in the comfort of your very own home.

No Water Queues

Save yourself from having to stand in long water queues every day when Day Zero arrives

Affordable Water

Buying bottled water over the long term is expensive and environmentally damaging.

Water Independence

Have a potable water source that is independent of the council and of retailers.

Have Water Security!

Ensure that your family always has potable water

Air to water technology gives you a way to provide for your family's potable water needs, no matter what happens!

“The whole family loves it!”

We live in an area that is severely lacking in water. We needed to recycle drainage water in our town to have water. You can imagine how we feel about that…. Now that we have this, the whole family is raving about it.

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