Helping South Africa beat the Water Crisis

By investing in water saving techniques and water making technologies we aim to help South Africans become water secure.

We are changing the way South Africans do Water

Make Water at Home

Generating water for your family has never been this easy.

Simply purchase an atmospheric water generator and you will be able to make your very own water in the comfort of your own home. No queues, no stress!

Save Water at Home

Saving water is easy if you know how.

Join our tribe and learn how to save water. We source water saving products and publish water saving videos showing you how to live effectively with minimal water.

Give Water to a Home

Give the gift of Liquid Life!

When you purchase anything on our website we automatically donate 1% of the purchase to our Liquid Life Fund. This fund will be used to help those in need with water making technologies and water saving tools.


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