Day Zero Cape Town: #MakeWaterNow

Day Zero is coming. The day that nobody thought would. This is the day when all non essential taps will be shut off and Capetonians will have to queue each day for their 25L allotted portion. Some reports say May, others say April, and still others as early as 18 March.

Hopes were resting on a number of water solutions like desalination and water saving campaigns, but these have not been able to turn the Day Zero tide.

No matter the date, one thing is sure, Cape Town is going to run out of water.  But the question begs: are the citizens of Cape Town truly ready for it?

What will this mean daily?

Let us consider what this would mean on a practical day to day basis. Before you decide what you are going to do with those precious 25 litres, you will first need to acquire them. How will this affect your work life… Go to work, or go get water? Each and every day.

Photo by Anthony Molyneaux | Source: TimesLive

Here is an example of a water point set up in preparation for Day Zero. It is uncertain how long citizens will need to wait in line each day.

Maybe you can buy bottled water from the store. But will they have enough stock to supply the demand of all 5 million Capetonians knocking on their doors…. And how long will you have to wait in line there just to buy a few litres?

What will you do with your 25L?

Let’s say you do get your hands on some water. What do you do with it? You need at least 3 litres to drink, and say 2 litres to cook. How much will you use to wash dishes, or to wash your body? Will you dare flush any down the toilet?

The lack of water creates so many challenges for our daily lives that is is difficult to even comprehend what it would mean, let alone how to overcome them. For this reason many have resorted to hoping that such a day would never come.

Day Zero is coming!

But it is coming. We cannot live in denial any longer. The dams are going to run dry and we will be stuck. No running water, and completely dependent on others to supply what we need for our daily survival. We will be reduced to living lives as hunter-gatherers. And in the world that we live in today, this is a very desperate place to be in.

But what if there was another way? What if you did not have to queue? What if you did not have to be dependent on the city or on retailers for the potable water needs of your family? What if you could make water of your very own? Clean, healthy, potable water.

Air Water Solution  – Make Water at Home

Well, such a solution does exist.

It’s known as Air Water and it is made using an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG).

An AWG extracts moisture out of the air, purifies it, and then condenses it into a water tank. It then purifies the water using a 7 step filtration process involving Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet light that creates water of the highest quality. Finally it stores the purified water and dispenses it for easy and convenient use.

Units range from producing up to 20, 50, 100, or even 1000 litres per day depending on the model as long as the humidity level is above 25%. Fortunately Cape Town’s humidity ranges between 60 – 80 percent all year round.

Purchasing such a unit for your family will give you the following benefits:

  • No queuing at water points to collect water;
  • No need to rely on bottled water from retailers;
  • Water security for you and your family!

Make Water Now – Order yours today!

If you would like to limit your Day Zero blues you can do so by supporting our #MakeWaterNow campaign and order an AWG for your family.

Do not get stuck in the Day Zero sand storm, order yours today!

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