Excessive Water Users Visited in Cape Town – Video

In order to curb water usage in Cape Town the major, Patricia de Lille visited homes of excessive water users (some in excess of 90,000 litres a month). The mayor payed them a visit in order to discuss their water usage and facilitate the installation of water management devices designed to cap water usage at 350 litres per day per household. These measures are being put in place in order to reduce the water usage to 500 million litres per day in order to prevent Day Zero.

Some excessive water users have refused to let contractors working for the City of Cape Town gain access to their properties in order to install the water management devices. For this reason, law enforcement officials joined de Lille when she went on her visits. Andrea De Ujfalussy, who forms part of the support services team for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste mentioned that the properties that were being visited had on two previous occasions been approached by city’s the contractors in order to install the water management devices, once with law enforcement officials, but had on both occasions refused them access. During this time these residents had neither reduced their consumption nor approached the city in order to explain their high water usage.

When it was suggested by one of the excessive water users that the township residents are wasting much more water than those in residential areas de Lille had the following to say, “55% of the water of this city is used by formal houses, because in one house you might have three of four taps. In the informal settlements you only have one stand pipe, and out of that one stand pipe five to ten families use that one stand pipe. And we have created jobs by training plumbers to fix all of those leaks, and they only account for 3% of the water usage.”


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