H2Know Conference and Expo

On the 13th of March 2018 we took part in the H2Know Conference and Exhibition hosted by the Cape Chamber of Commerce. The conference was held at the River Club in Observatory and covered a range of topics relating to water scarcity and water security in Cape Town. Some of the speakers included Sarah Rushmere (Energy Efficiency Strategist for the City of Cape Town), Dr. Peter Johnston (Dept of Environmental & Geological Science – UCT), and Jane Reddick (Water Sector Desk – Greencape). Talks ranged from the topics like Impact of the Drought on Sport, to the Impact of Climate Change, and Opportunities for Business in Managing Water Risk.

Dr. Peter Johnston talks about the impact of Climate Change and Rainfall Patterns.

While the conference took place upstairs, numerous water-related businesses exhibited their products and services in the downstairs area. Delegates of the conference could visit the stands, chat to the owners, and consider the various water solutions on display.

We teamed up with Tobie from Waterwell and Health to show the power of combining Air Water with 84 Essential minerals, a key product range offered by Waterwell and Health. Potable made the water from the atmosphere, and Waterwell and Health demonstrated its purity using a TDS monitor. In addition, Tobie also added minerals to the purified air water to allow people to taste the difference between pure water made from air, and what he calls “healthy” water.

Tobie from Waterwell and Health explaining the benefits of 84 Essential Minerals.

Tobie explained that in order for our bodies to function properly there are a number of minerals that we need to get from our water. However, due to a number of factors, most of our water (including tap and bottled water) does not have these essential minerals; instead it is often filled with harmful man made chemicals which are very unhealthy for our bodily functions. Many people were able to taste the difference between the pure water from air and that which had the minerals in them. Some liked the pure water, and others preferred the mineralized water.

According to Tobie this is because it is “aggressive” water that desires to bond with other elements in the human body and for this reason is taken up more readily by the cells. This causes the water to taste softer and more palatable. He suggests placing a few drops of his mineral solution to any purified water, whether purified tap water, bottled water, or water from air. According to research that has been done, regularly drinking mineralized water has multiple benefits for the body including boosting energy levels, reducing blood pressure, easing joint pain, and improving skin.

Many people were of course also interested in our Atmospheric Water Generators. Some were so amazed with the process that they used the word “magic” when referring to it. We assured them that no sorcery is involved in the process and explained the simple science behind it.

Dylan standing next to the Aquarias P50 Atmospheric Water Generator from FND.

The popularity of Atmospheric Water Generation is growing. This was evident by the fact that there were two other firms also exhibiting their Air Water solutions including Wayne Ferrera’s EcoBlue sold by Talisa Water, and Cirrus Water Management, which focuses on renting out larger units that they manufacture here in South Africa. It was nice to connect with some other players in the industry and have a look at the solutions they are offering the market.

It was also nice to see again that Potable ranks highest when it comes to affordability, both for retail and wholesale pricing, which is something that we feel strongly about, considering the high cost of these devices. Something we ensure by keeping our overheads low, finding  suppliers that offer reasonable prices for good quality machines, and of course, charging fair margins on products.

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