Acquarias F20 – Atmospheric Water Generator (20L p/d)


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Makes Water out of Air!

The Acquarias range of atmospheric water generators harnesses water vapour from the air to produce high quality drinking water. The units are modern, energy efficient, and yield produce more water in comparison to others of the same size and price.

  • No need for external water supply. Generates water from the air.
  • No need for pipes or plumbing. Just plug it in.
  • Produces up to 20L of clear potable water every day
  • Multi-functional design with intelligent microcomputer
  • Has an aerospace grade filtering system ensuring high quality potable water
  • Sterilizes water in the tank every other hour to ensure water quality.

Water production volume depends on humidity, less than 25% humidity and the unit will not produce water. Fortunately Cape Town has a humidity of 50% – 80% all year round.


Click here to purchase the M2 which ships to South Africa on 1 March 2018

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