Waterex M2 – Atmospheric Water Generator (20L p/d)


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Makes Water out of Air!

The WATEREX system is a new, state of the art water-generating machine that transforms the humidity in the air into pure drinking water by using the latest and most sophisticated technology, while using the minimum amount of electricity.

  • Needs no water source, water is generated from the humidity in the air.
  • No external pipes, No Bottles, No refilling of water.
  • Generates up to 20 litres per day of pristine water.
  • Multi-stage filtration ensuring your water is pure.
  • Storage tanks hold up to 15 litres of water.
  • Three faucets to dispense Hot, Cold and Ambient water.
  • Hot and/or Cold water can be switched off to save electricity if only ambient temperature is desired.
  • Energy saving sensors.

Water production volume depends on humidity. The unit works that best at 35% and higher humidity levels. Fortunately Cape Town has a humidity of 50% – 80% all year round.

The cost or producing water in Cape Town using this unit is roughly R1 per litre.


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Voltage AC 200-240V up to 3.5 A
Operation Wattage 1150 W (max while full operation)
Refrigerant (R22 or R407C) 0.60 Kg
Temperature Range 21°C – 45°C
Size (cm) 39.5 x 39 x 110
Frequency 50 or 60hz
Power Consumption 495W (while producing)
Heating Wattage 500W (can be switched off)
Storage Capacity 15 litres
Water Temperature HOT > 85°C COLD < 5°C
Working Humidity 40% – 95%
Dimensions (LxWxH) CM 37 x 41 x 109
Net Weight 41.2 Kg
Noise Level less than 35 db

Filters should be changed once a year, the unit will notify you when it is time to replace the filters.

You can purchase filters from our store for a reasonable price. We will contact you within one year to remind you to replace your filters.